部 分 2LearnMagic.com 曾 服 務 之 機 構 及 客 戶 留 言 :

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多謝你在我們今天哈囉喂活動中的精彩表演, 令我們很開心 !
– Mr. Derek, Senior Manager of AIA Group (Oct 29, 2016)

Magic Performance for the SENPHA Grand Opening was Great, Everyone enjoyed it very much.
– Mr. Carlo, Director of UBS AG (Feb 23, 2016)

I particularily liked the rope magic part, which was very impressive and amazing.
– Ms. Cherry, Professional Digital Marketer at SENPHA Grand Opening (Feb 23, 2016)

Stunning magic show as always, the Magician from 2LearnMagic.com.
– Mr. Jet Li, 2010 President of HKU MSc ECom & ICom Alumni Association

Magician, Your magic show is very funny! awesome!
– Mr. Kyle Cheung in the Park Lane hotel (Nov 24, 2010)

Thanks for Magician’s interesting show at grad dinner.
– Mr. Cevdet Bulut from Turkey

Magician! If we need magician…you will be the one! I still remember your tricks!
– Ms. Vivien Lee, Salsa dance lover

It was great meeting the Magician from 2LearnMagic.com last Saturday and his performance was great. Let’s stay in touch !
– Prof. Chris Leung (Head of CEE), HKUST

I was especially impressed by the Magician’s talents and professional magic show
– Prof. Wilson Tang, HKUST

The Magician’s magic show was very exciting and impressive. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you 2LearnMagic.com very much.
– Prof. Limin Zhang, HKUST

The Magician’s magic show was very entertaining. I enjoyed it and the dinner very much.
– Prof. Jack Cheng, HKUST

It was nice to have the Magician from 2LearnMagic.com in the homecoming dinner. I enjoyed the show very much and luckily the Magician didn’t picked me. haha.
– Prof. Ryan Yan, HKU

Thank you so much for the Magician’s magic show. For sure, everyone enjoyed it a lot!
– Ms. Emily Ma, Executive Officer of HKUST

The 2LearnMagic’s magic show was excellent, which managed to boost up the atmosphere of the dinner.
– Mr. Chris Tang, CEDD

Thank you the Magician for bringing us laughter and fun to the graduation dinner of our HKU Master degree programme 2009.
– Ms. Angela Castro, HKU Meicom Connect Jan 2009 Issue

仲記得有次您係一間餐廳表演的小魔術, 即時搵一個陌生人做助手, 表演仍然出神入化, 令人難以忘記!
– Ms. Ruby

Thanks for your teaching in the past few months, the program was fun and interesting ! Wishing you a prosperous year !
– Ms. Maggie, participant of the “Magic for Trainers & Speakers" program

很感謝 2LearnMagic’s Magician 到來表演, 你的魔術表演為當日大型活動開幕生色不小, 非常精彩, 代表整個IN8及當日有份參與的小朋友謝謝你。
– 《火熱動感震全城2008》 IN8 全體人員致謝

2LearnMagic.com,多謝你昨日的付出,你係一個有愛、關懷的人,你在魔術表演裡發揮了最大的感染力 ! Thank you for Your Support ! YOU are full of Love !
— Ms. Emily, 《說出我的愛》 IN11 全體人員致謝

“The Magician from 2LearnMagic.com is a very professional magician that I have ever known. He is a creative and humorous person. As a trainer, I am totally impressed by his demonstration in applying magic to his training and presentation. He inspired me how to make my training to be more effective and enjoyable."
– Mr. Rufus Yeung, Management Trainer

“The Magician from 2LearnMagic.com is definite one person with a passion in using magic, and the application of it into training will draw dynamic engagement from participants. Not knowing what to expect, will give pleasant surprises, and ignite learning moments."
– Ms. Joelynne from Shanghai

Magic relates to secret? The Magician tells you not, it relates to Creativity and Imagination, Presentation of Art… Wanna to know how to enhance the communication with your loves through magic, the Magician will tell you.
– Ms. Jenny, participant of the “Magic for Professionals" program

“Wow, your magic presentation is an eye-opener and jaw dropper! I thought magic is for fun only. However, you have used magic to make presentation and training more interactive, fun, and more importantly, to help deliver your message more effectively. I will definitely recommend your magic presentation to anyone who is interested!"
– Mr. Harrace Lau, Chief Consultant of Marketing Training Coach

“Wow, how you do that?" The Magician’s really done a good job. This little tricks in the morning of the training day was highly entertaining and enlightened our whole day program. I have no doubt to enroll to his magician training program. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone wishes to have a magic performance.
– Ms. Amy Wong, Founder of hongkongcakes.com

Your magic presentation illustrates clearly your verbal presentation and makes it more interesting. It also draws people’s attention to your presentation and provides an enjoyable experience.
— Mr. David Mok, Property Developer & Architect

The Magician from 2LearnMagic.com is a talented person. He could easily draw our attention to him. He will always bring us surprise! I had learnt from his presentation that if I also know how to use magic, I can also easily draw my participant’s attention! Magic can also stimulate our creativity. It’s great if you play magic in creativity training! No matter you are training children or adults, magic is a good tools to use. I strongly recommend Magicians from 2LearnMagic.com and his magic training for trainers.
每次魔術師演練的時候,總是令我們嘆為觀止! 魔術師除了是一名出色的魔術師,亦是一位懂得運用魔術的培訓師。我從沒想到原來魔術可增添培訓效果和促進學習。魔術可迅速建立親和感,認識新朋友,更可提升創意! 若您從事教育或培訓工作,魔術師是一位值得學習的培訓師。
– Peter Roichandani 黎家輝 (NLP Trainer 身心語言程序學培訓師)

“The Magician is a humor and funny guy," Ladies … Please be aware and away from him! WHY? … you might …..
– Sally from Malaysia

The Magician’s presentation is the best I’ve ever seen ! 勁勁勁~…比3個勁你~, 都話你presentation好, 很有趣 !
– Maggie

你今天的表演好精彩, 竟然會變酒啦…cd..cd 不見了 !
– Ms Yiu, HKU

魔幻的音樂在舞台跳躍跳躍 如何把飄逸的絲巾給光碟著色 是誰的魔術師?

也在觀眾的心全神投入… 如何把漆黑的箱子收藏千般奇蹟 變出一堆迷思

那迷一般的把戲充滿魅力 教人沉思


Just wish to let you know that your performance of magic really impressed me so much. Hope will have chance to appreciate more in future.
– By Windy Lee @ HKUST

Thanks for the Magician’s performance in the HKUST’s MBA Graduation Dinner. It created so much fun for the invited guests and the MBA graduates.
– Denis Wong, MBA Alumni Association Representatives of HKUST 2006

Still remember during my first meeting with the Magician, I have been impressed by his wonderful card trick! It’s indeed my pleasure to have opportunity to get to know this ‘magician + guitar player’, who is quite a friendly and interesting person with a passion for life ….. I really appreciate his creative mind and multiple talents! It’s lucky that I once had a chance to see his ‘super memory’ demonstration …… he could marvellously remember the order of a deck of cards within a short period of time …… amazing and unbelievable!
– Amy Tam

The Magician from 2LearnMagic.com 的魔術賞心悅目,紙牌在他手上輕輕鬆鬆地轉來轉去,就已足夠讓你讚嘆不已。表演精湛毫無破綻當然是指定動作,最重要的那股感染力。你一定會被他忘我的表演而走入他的魔術世界!
– Karina

非常感謝我們出色的魔術大師 The Magician 為我倆在2006年10月14日的結婚晚宴作壓軸表演! 三項魔術表演由他進場時一連串的舞姿展開序幕。神氣的舞步,配合他那副有型有款的墨色眼鏡,令觀眾既期待又興奮!一連串專業的音樂魔術,已給人留下深刻印象。當 The Magician 脫下墨色眼鏡片,露出真面目時,我們聽到的就只有觀眾的掌聲。
– 嘉儀。志堅(梁生梁太)

The Magician from 2LearnMagic.com 真係一個出色o既魔術師呀….佢玩左好多樣呀, 我巳經好留心咁睇住佢有咩估惑野架啦….哈…點知…咩都睇唔到….實在太利害啦!!! 原來啤牌係可以玩到好多樣野…
– Nicole

多謝The Magician表演魔術比我地睇, 除左吸引左我地睇之餘..連o係o個度做既靚姐..靚仔都忍唔住要望望囉!…跟住都玩左好幾個魔術比我地睇…真係估佢唔到囉!!!
– Fanny